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School Supply Information for 2022-2023

*Supply List Fee:  $60 per student ($50 for student supplies plus $10 planner)

How/when to pay Supply List Fee:

Cash or check only-No cards accepted

Pay in person at ICA on the days/times specified below:

Wednesday, July 13      9:30am-4:30pm

Wednesday, July 20      9:30am-1:00pm

Wednesday, July 27      9:00am-12:00pm  


All supply fees must be paid before August 1st.  Payments are not being received during back to school orientations.


*Due to the classical nature of our classrooms at ICA, school supplies are very specific, and much more cost effective if purchased in bulk.  Parents will be charged a fee of $60 that will cover everything from pencils and paper, to specific Riggs notebooks and paper, to pencil cases and seat sacs, as well as the required student planners.  

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