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Support Our School

Feeling led to give?

Thank you for considering a gift to our charter school.  Many people do not know that while a charter school is public and receives state-appropriated funding, that they only receive a percentage of the per pupil funding as traditional public schools. This reduced funding is in exchange for the autonomy our charter contract allows (selection of our own faculty and staff, setting of our own policies, choosing our own curriculum, and planning for our own successes) in order to meet the criteria set forth in that contract.  In addition, charters are required to plan for and operate a balanced budget with reserve fund balance, and pay a portion (5%) to the authorizer as an administrative fee.


Due to the requirement to work within these parameters, it is imperative that charter schools operate on fiscally conservative principles and keep expenditures focused primarily on the classroom, where it can impact students most, which is an effort the budget of ICA highly reflects!

As a tuition-free, public charter school operating in this manner, we rely heavily on grant funding, donations of goods and services, business sponsorship, as well as private and/or corporate financial support.  As the only locally led and operated charter school in our region, and the only charter school in Fort Pierce, we seek funding from within our community to support our community of leaders and learners.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute to ICA or who has a business that would like to sponsor our school, they can click the link above to access our donor letter or contact Mrs. Howard to discuss your options and desires.

All contributions are tax-deductible. Your gift, no matter how big or small, will lead to the ability to impact the lives of children in St. Lucie and surrounding counties by providing a top-notch educational program!  We humbly ask for your support in fulfilling our mission of offering an educational experience that is rigorous, virtuous, and excellent.

Our most immediate financial need will be for our 5 capital campaign projects below:

  • Playground (ages 5-12)

  • Pavillion for our hardcourt PE area

  • Courtyard renovations (regrading, shade sails, concrete pad for outdoor seating, & raise bed gardens)

  • Outdoor Education Spaces

  • Purchase of adjacent land for Upper School Expansion

In addition to the above capital projects, we will need funds for curriculum and classroom library books as we expand to add 200 more students, fees to cover costs associated with accreditation, and the purchase of a bus.

We do offer, as you can see in the attached donor letter above, naming rights for some larger purchases and donations, as well as the willingness to get creative–let’s get together to take a tour of the school so we can show you why this works and what amazing outcomes we are experiencing!  Set up a meeting to discuss what we can do to work together and achieve greatness in an area that deserves it: educating our youth and changing the future of this great nation!  

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